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Project Details

Mr Sashin Govender is best motivational speaker in the Africa and network marketer he is also a Founder and CEO of the TMS Ecosystem which owns more than 20 companies and sucessfull entrepreneur

Sashin Govender is a world-renowned motivational speaker and sales coach who’s motto in life is to “ Work Like You Broke” and “ Remain In Student Mode. ”

Sashin was born and raised in South Africa, a 3rd world country, with an average monthly income of $300. Through hard work and determination, he was able to earn his first 6 Figures by age 19, 7 Figures at 21 and became one of the youngest multi-millionaires at 24. He was introduced to personal development at the tender age of 8 years old and was also a Chess wizard during his school career, which helped him develop a strategic thinking process and the knowledge that a positive mindset was his largest asset.


  • Category : Digital Marketing
  • Client :  Millionaire Student
  • Location : South Africa
  • Completed Date : 2020-2021